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What does Meltdown Productions do?

Meltdown Productions LLC provides independent artists with a digital retail space to sell their merchandise without the hassle of having to manage their content or an online storefront, giving the artist the ability to focus on what they love most, CREATION!
Beyond a one-of-a-kind digital retail space, Meltdown provides artists with a network and resources to further help develop IP’s and personal content. Our in house team of illustrators, animators, 3D modelers, web designers, graphic designers, and more can take any idea and create a fully developed product, ready for something like a Kickstarter campaign or other personal product launch. We can even provide manufacturing connections for those ready to make the leap to large scale production.
Meltdown Productions has developed several product lines and is always creating new and exciting toys and merchandise that we hope inspire creativity in future generations. We attend numerous trade shows where we often display prototypes and release limited edition event exclusive merchandise, be sure to track us down at one of our shows like DCON each year in November!